The Sluice

There is so much I do not know
Or do not understand;
And knowledge seeps in slowly, like
A sluice that’s full of sand

For I would take in more; I find
Much I have is outmoded —
The sluice I have’s not working right,
It’s like it’s overloaded —

The lake that I’ve become is old,
It really needs improving;
But I must unjam something, so
To keep the water

On Different Ground

The world is different than it was.

There’s no need to complain:

For things are always changing, and

The old becomes arcane


The library, for instance, was

A magic place to go:

But it’s a place that some kids now

Will never get to know


There’s knowledge and connection — it’s

Still out there to be found —

But many younger people will

Find that

On different


Every Truth

If every truth I knew, I told,
I’d tell a different tale;
Of strength found in fragility,
Of stems unbowed by hail

For life is big, and merciless,
And friends are far and few –
But every truth that I might tell’s
Already known by you

If every truth that ever breathed
Could sing its song out loud,
There would be such a melody
As would attract a crowd

For life is grand, and beautiful,
And rarely gets its due –
But every truth that I might sing
Is known by me and you

To be a living, dying thing;
A Bonjour and Adieu
Yes, every single earthly truth’s
Already known
By you

The Science of Understanding

I study hard
To try and see
The reasons why
That you and me –
In anything
We do at all –
Will stumble first,
And lastly fall.

The world is wide,
And we are small.
The plans we make –
They often stall.
For “Life” there’s no
Master’s Degree;
Why do we keep
Such certainty?

= = = = =

Picture / photo credit : © Dmytro Kozlov |