The Fairgrounds, version 2

Version 2 The fairgrounds in their splendor, A young love in its bounty, Chaotic and disordered, Like everything around me It’s actually, well, tawdry; But in our interaction We find the beauty in a place That has no great Attraction Version 1 The fairgrounds Carried with them all of The chaotic, asymmetrical splendor So many … Continue reading "The Fairgrounds, version 2"

Maybe Some

She loved her daddy maybe some, He loved her mostly always, yes; There was no distance, no divorce, Just growing up and old, I guess For pictures freeze another you; Today’s the rain, and the malaise — She loves her daddy, maybe, some, But they’re just disconnected Nowadays

A Time Apart

Love is a faraway place, And self is a time apart; The best book that you never read Is waiting — Your mind should be let out some times, And just be free to run: There’s no place safer, wilder, than The pages

Far From The Waterpark Crowd

Off, A little bit of distance, That is all I really need To be Calm and comfortable, And not get overanxious — Off A ways to take the photo, It looks better from this view As once again, Artistic concerns rescue the introvert Through provision of Plausible excuses


The most intense and well-lived days She’s ever known, Consisting in sensing and discovering Things not exactly new, But new to her experience The difference between Reading about something and actually doing it; Between And image of something and really sensing it In all of its dimensions, Taste, Touch, Smell, Sound — And she realizes … Continue reading "Sensing"

Motel 70

Once, this place was teeming With families trying to show Their over-energized children The wonders of a country As viewed from the Interstate While Buzz and Neil walked the moon The kids were more interested In the pool where psychedelic towels Had suburban girls with braces and Corn silk makeup thinking they Were hippies too, … Continue reading "Motel 70"

Old Dirt Road

Down an old dirt road, By an old lone tree, I saw her once — I think that I was Seven at the time In a summer field, In a different world, I saw her there: And still, I think about her, Now and then In a yellow dress, With her bright blonde hair That … Continue reading "Old Dirt Road"

Taking It

Sitting in a restaurant, Between the salad and the meal There’s a thirty-something couple Next to us. The man is strenuously arguing With the waiter over The price of his bill “This was way cheaper before. Why did you raise the price?” The manager came over. “It now comes with sides.” “But I didn’t want … Continue reading "Taking It"

{ s e a n c e } v3

version 3 the absence blank, the many reaching ways -- but pictures, pleadings fail. meanwhile, scent brings back realities as tangible as touch. hands together in the dark, saying words we don't really believe, trying to overcome a pain more present than our memories of love seem real. we chase a passing mist, or a … Continue reading "{ s e a n c e } v3"