The Wide Tomorrow

Come, look into the future, see
The winding road of destiny
That bears us to we-know-not-where
Across the wide tomorrow

It’s nothing like the trip we’ve known,
And there’s no map that can be shown
To where all we will stop ere there,
No compass we can borrow —

And days we feel like all is choice,
We’re worried that we’ll blow it;
But now’s an evanescent thing
And gone before we know it —

Whatever road we hap to choose,
The way’s not really ours to lose:
The sun will soon be falling,
The wide tomorrow’s


The Fairgrounds, version 2

Version 2

The fairgrounds in their splendor,
A young love in its bounty,
Chaotic and disordered,
Like everything around me

It’s actually, well, tawdry;
But in our interaction
We find the beauty in a place
That has no great


Version 1

The fairgrounds
Carried with them all of
The chaotic, asymmetrical splendor
So many of our best days have

A place is magic
Not intrinsically, but
Because of how we interact with it

And a new love here
In this unfashionable place,
Beats a sunny day of lonely cynicism

On the Riviera

Maybe Some

She loved her daddy maybe some,
He loved her mostly always, yes;
There was no distance, no divorce,
Just growing up and old, I guess

For pictures freeze another you;
Today’s the rain, and the malaise —
She loves her daddy, maybe, some,
But they’re just disconnected


Far From The Waterpark Crowd

A little bit of distance,
That is all I really need

To be
Calm and comfortable,
And not get overanxious —

A ways to take the photo,
It looks better from this view

As once again,
Artistic concerns rescue the introvert
Through provision of

Plausible excuses


The most intense and well-lived days
She’s ever known,
Consisting in sensing and discovering
Things not exactly new,
But new to her experience

The difference between
Reading about something and actually doing it;
And image of something and really sensing it
In all of its dimensions,
Sound —

And she realizes that life
Is something like a journey to
A popular tourist location:
Everyone experiencing the same sights
Doesn’t make them any less amazing,
Unless you happen to despise any experience
Most people share

But even shared experience
Must first be experienced,
And is in the feeling,
The basking,
The living-within
That she finds herself now —

Taking in both joy and sorrow,
And realizing, fully, for the first time

How connected those two things are