Above It All

She sat out on the roof and watched
The city in its sadness;
I used to see her every day,
As we had each our habits —

I loved her like the robins sing,
With no real audience —
But she was broken-hearted, then,
And has been since.

For though she kept her lookout true,
Continuing, unwearied,
She never found what she had lost,
Though it was never buried —

I saw her like the seagulls see,
Just circling the distance —
But she was fractured, incomplete,
And has been ever since.

For though we sit atop a roof
To leave behind our cargo,
We cannot get above it all —
Not in this world

Of sorrow

The Wide Tomorrow

Come, look into the future, see
The winding road of destiny
That bears us to we-know-not-where
Across the wide tomorrow

It’s nothing like the trip we’ve known,
And there’s no map that can be shown
To where all we will stop ere there,
No compass we can borrow —

And days we feel like all is choice,
We’re worried that we’ll blow it;
But now’s an evanescent thing
And gone before we know it —

Whatever road we hap to choose,
The way’s not really ours to lose:
The sun will soon be falling,
The wide tomorrow’s