… packing up

for everything that never was, for miracles that never came, for childhood by terror marred, for shadow creep, and ruby stain,   for daymares and for friendless weeks that stretch out to eternity, there comes a time for packing up your few last things and nameless need

Above It All

She sat out on the roof and watched The city in its sadness; I used to see her every day, As we had each our habits — I loved her like the robins sing, With no real audience — But she was broken-hearted, then, And has been since. For though she kept her lookout true, … Continue reading "Above It All"

This is the me that is…

This is the me that is; That is the you that was — Life is a lonely tree, And we didn’t last, because An ocean is made with time, And continents drift apart — Now, this is the me that is, A weary and bending Heart


Trouble is my constant diet, Heartache is my steady flame; What I eat and who I hang with — Everyday is much the same Stress is what I have for breakfast, Pain is with me nights in bed: This is what my life is, really, Or it might be yours Instead

summer waves

turquoise churn and rocky spray love has left and gone away from where there are no returns the ocean cools what summer burns flying spray on turquoise sea love, what you have meant to me then hopes upon the rocks were dashed for we like summer waves just crashed

evening walk

how love you are and so I know the river sounds an evening bell a zip line I don’t think I’d try (and given this, it’s just as well) but though the water’s blue and gold, it is my sudden past you hold: the rapids flow, the world goes by, and summer walks can purify

The Wide Tomorrow

Come, look into the future, see The winding road of destiny That bears us to we-know-not-where Across the wide tomorrow It’s nothing like the trip we’ve known, And there’s no map that can be shown To where all we will stop ere there, No compass we can borrow — And days we feel like all … Continue reading "The Wide Tomorrow"


Between despair and anger Defiance took its root; Whatever cards she had been dealt, She wouldn’t follow suit And carry other’s well-meant dreams, These burdens they’d lay on her — For only when you’re true to you, Have you behaved With honor