On Appearance

We cannot see below the surface, So we judge on appearance: But where beauty is, There is usually Hidden turmoil

the Validators

They ran our love through all their screens, Then told us we were not a match; Their apparatus brought to bear On anyone their snares could catch   These butterfly collectors who Place everyone behind the glass, In categories, rimmed with signs, A handful from a teeming mass   Identities defined by them Are not … Continue reading "the Validators"

The Exiles

We come upon The broken, the exiles, And judge, although We never saw The miles  

A Common Ground

We cannot find a common ground To share a point of view, For I stand here, in judgment, of The things that make you, you And you are there, entombed within That fort of your devising; That there’s no common ground for us Just isn’t that surprising But there’s a universal truth In all strife … Continue reading "A Common Ground"