What will people think?

You wonder, “what will people think?”

That isn’t the right question:

In faith, or in relationships,

Or in a new profession —


So put your doubts aside, and live –

Your fondest dreams pursue:

Don’t ask the world what they think best,

Just find what’s best

For you


And so, I’m here to testify
That hope can sprout when all seems lost
Regardless how are stars get crossed
Or how shallow our love supply

For everything gone out the door
Is set for its uncertain fate;
But past when we might think it late
We can find all we want – and more –

And Yet —

Our hearts will wander where they will
In valleys dark, of cruel heartache,
And avalanche that makes them break;
And yet they’re beating, beating still

Our hearts will wander where they will
Through partnerships that fade away,
Slow death that crushes them each day;
But yet they’re beating, beating still

Our hearts will wander where they will,
Sore trials they will undergo,
Encased in people they don’t know;
And yet —
They’re beating,


We wish to give our mind its wings,
A type of mental Pegasus;
But mind’s a fragile thing, at best –
An organ slight and tenuous

The arrows coming from the world,
They wound us places we don’t know;
We hide our wings so timidly
And so don’t fly where we would go

But courage is thing we need
To overcome our troubles here:
To fly to where we need to be
We must be free
And persevere

= = = = =  .  = = = = =

Photo credit : © Coreyford | Dreamstime.com – Pegasus 03 Photo


infinity has longed for you,
to give you something more;
while you’ve been dreaming, searching, but
you do not know what for —

infinity is everywhere,
and everytime, of course:
it waits to fold you in its arms,
but never takes by force —

infinity – keep looking now –
my friend, your answer’s there —
to find what’s all around you, and
as close
as summer