Summer Dreams

[I love this photo — © Bowie15 | – Summer in the country]

In summer dreams, the hope returns
Like joy spread out upon the earth;
And all we long for reaches back
To our desires
In love’s


[I love this photo — © Bowie15 | – Summer in the country]


It’s time.

We fret about delivering;
That we won’t measure up –
Our gifts will be found wanting,
As will we —

And so we stand there, shivering,
Afraid to take a chance,
Because of our great

How many days will pass us by,
How many precious minutes,
Because we feel unworthy
And askew —

It’s time, at last, to let that die;
It’s time to wrestle life
Away from anybody else
But you

Never Broken

To my friend, who I admire so

Never Broken

You were bent, but never broken,
Friend who I admire so –
Though the hurtful word was spoken,
Many painful lives ago

You’ve decided you’d do better
Than the life your parents had;
You are not your lonely mother,
Nor your broken, angry dad

There’s a strength that wells within you,
You will all your dreams fulfill —
You were bent, but never broken:
Never have been

Hilltop Thoughts

Traditions once were new.

Traditions once were new, of course;
No matter how old now –
The innovations of the past
Meant more than we allow

In changing things to what they are.
The challenge now is hurled:
To take the best that we can do
And so transform
The world