The emptiness that is my soul, The hopelessness that lies this way, Are each a temporary thing: For moods are minutes in a day, The day that life is in this span, And questions come as answers flee, As dreaming hovers, like the clouds That swirl around us restlessly. These chemicals that we call “us” … Continue reading "Connected"

Quiet Interlude

Day has fallen To her knees, The quietude Is deafening, And love’s a tune That other people hear — She muses on Both light and hope, The way they each Are lessening, And how it is that dreams give way To fear — But lightly, o’er across the lake, An evening bird is singing, One … Continue reading "Quiet Interlude"

walking dream

the morning shyly moves away in waves of mist and cream; and i move damp with spray and sand into a walking dream the dimly cast horizon sits beyond the veil of sight; where time stands loosely, hands by sides, and day melds into night your breath i hear, your touch i feel, as light … Continue reading "walking dream"

if minds could touch…

if minds could touch, you’d know that i was near you, if hearts could sing you’d hear me everywhere, if eyes could see when all around is empty, the dark’ning day would never seem so bare — i’d kiss your wearied thoughts, and rouse your courage, i’d stroke the edges, worn and frayed too much, … Continue reading "if minds could touch…"

… The Game Is Ours

A man my age should better know: But I do not. And so I go About spare minutes spinning rhymes; To jot them down, and post betimes. I write: of heartache, and of loss; Anomalies I come across; The nonsense that infests my head When first I’m getting out of bed; Of love and aging; joy … Continue reading "… The Game Is Ours"

Wednesday Hope

How do you breathe a magic sky And touch the lights of Halcyon? For what is Love to you but paint That smears and drips across the Dawn? Come whisper now of Wednesday hope, Of glistening and glimmering, Come feel the cotton, silk, and rest While fireflies are shimmering How do you hold the infinite, … Continue reading "Wednesday Hope"