{ Swim the Galaxy }

Tell me who I am, and I’ll tell you About the kind of world you long to see: A wonderland beyond expectancy, Where what is good, and beautiful, and true     Can find a home, or sit beneath the stars     Like fireflies turned loose at last from jars. Tell me what you’ve … Continue reading "{ Swim the Galaxy }"

See The Stars

On nights when we could see the stars, We wondered at the glory; Ablaze in constellations, each With some amazing story. The sky turned blank; our love a thing To place in a museum — But, oh, the stars, they’re still up there: Even when we Can’t see ‘em

The Clouds, Like Us

The clouds, like us, seem made of naught but dust: We travel over hard and rocky ground, Through countless miles agitated strife, Then pour our dirty selves back down to earth, As ash to ash, and dust to dust, indeed. The clouds, like us, chaotic and obscure: We tangle in each other, slipping out, And … Continue reading "The Clouds, Like Us"

The Ugliness of Life

The ugliness of life, it waits Around the corner, in the dark; For all we might procrastinate, The ugliness of life will leave it’s mark. For long with patience will it seek The moments we are down, or weak, And scour down the shores and docks, The country roads, or city blocks, Or happy pathways … Continue reading "The Ugliness of Life"

We seek because we hope to find…

We seek, because we hope to find A gallery among the blind; A bit of hope, a bit of rouge, A plot behind the subterfuge — The soft or strong, the give or take, The love we speak that then we make In choruses of two, entwined — We seek, because we hope To find