Clay Monsters

It is nothing to be proud of So often We build our heroes From the clay of pervasive opinion And the water provided us daily by The shifting fluid of popular thought Ungenuine and ugly Creatures of our own devising Never stepping far enough away To see the monstrosities We have wrought For what they … Continue reading "Clay Monsters"

Doctor Paragon

Paging Doctor Paragon We need your help again; Here in the lower echelon We short a few wise men For certain, we’ve no one like you A shining ray of light; Who, when our lives have gone askew Can put it all to right We need you, Doctor Paragon We’re hanging by a thread — … Continue reading "Doctor Paragon"

Where Heroes Still Soar

I know a place, it’s a wonderful place Where there’s always more room to explore – Where lies are not told and all children are loved, And venturesome heroes still soar For dark grows the shadow where men have long lived, Where all hope is ground into dust – Then cold and abandoned, we wander … Continue reading "Where Heroes Still Soar"