To My Friend (Who I Do Not Yet Know)

When I was in my twenties
My body fell apart
And inflammation spread down to
The lining on my heart

I started to have seizures
My platelet count was low
I was awash in bruises
From my head down to my toe

They had to take out part of
The structure of my back
My spleen was then the next to go
And what else? I lost track

I had to go on steroids
And gained X million pounds
Believe me when I tell you
It was worse than it sounds

The guy I asked to watch my house
Cleaned out my bank account
While I was in the hospital
With all this to surmount

And I was so depressed
I wanted all to end —
But what I want to tell you
My still yet unmet friend,

Is sometimes good things happen
That we cannot explain;
That I, somehow, got better
And found relief from pain

I wish that I could guarantee
A bolt out of the blue
But healing one day came to me
And could still come to you

The Rolling Hills

I wake to glory in the rolling hills
In autumn when the air is clear and cold
My thoughts are wrapped up in the morning’s chills
Of what is free, and neither bought nor sold

For life, this life, it is all I will get
To make of what I will, this moment now
With each step taken, there is one more yet
To reach the stage, perform, and take my bow

The rolling hills of wonder all around
The autumn bursts of color in my eyes
The birds of fall, with each their diff’rent sound
The morning sun, whose first rays cauterize

The wounds of yesterday that late lay bare
And vanish in the bracing autumn air


(From November, 2014)