Halloween – What’s Really Masked

We hide that we want more.

So ladies, and so men:
Let’s adapt a veneer —
It’s costume time again,
To change how we appear –

To love, that is our part,
We hide that we want more –
We reach, but hide the heart:
That’s what the mask is for

Yes, fear will have its days,
Throughout our weeks and years;
We wear the mask again, I say,
To hide both hopes and tears

But on this lonely road
Of all that’s here and been:
The trick’s to keep our feet,
The treat’s to take
It in

Halloween – Football Phantoms

Ritual and pageantry.

I hear voices of seasons past,
The loudspeaker, it echoes long:
The marching band, less distant, as
The people drum and sing along

And ghostly players break the tape,
The banners stretched there quickly yield;
As girls there at the peak of youth
Run breathlessly out on the field

The ritual and pageantry
Are new each year, with each new class;
But only ghosts are out here now
I see them
The grass

Halloween – The Real Ghosts

When I’m alone, in Autumn.

The Real Ghosts

The real ghosts come
When I’m alone, in Autumn
Of lovers past
Of friends beyond recall

They tell me that
The chill I feel’s a warning
That all of us
Must one day take the Fall

And gray becomes
The glory of the forest
Abandoned is
The bench beside me here

The real ghosts come
In memories by hundreds
With all I lose
With every

Halloween – Autumn Road (Sonnet)

The light has dawned…

The light has dawned upon her waking thoughts
As she goes through the woods at jogger’s pace
Unravelling a mind tied up in knots
As cold meets warm, the shining of her face

And here, amidst the beautiful seclusion
She sees a sonnet in which she’s dispersed:
Pentameter, in all of its confusion
Iambic, in that she is never first

The forest road’s a type of daily journey
To represent how much has come and gone;
To give herself the power of attorney
To live a new life with each waking dawn

And celebrate the spirit there within
That will not stop for things that might have been