Changing Fashion

Fashion Thoughts

He laughed at her
For her oft-changing fashion
That last year’s clothes
Were no good anymore

And thought it an example
Of how shallow she was
And always would be

As for her?
She believed in doing good
And always tried to live it
Appearance was just expression
And as she shed her old ways
She changed how she appeared

Meanwhile —
She noticed that he
Kept changing ethics –
His so-called core beliefs
Depending on intellectual fashions

You know, I think,
Perhaps —
Her type of fashion’s
Better after all

Unanswerable Questions

Colt and Portia

Does value have meaning? Significance, purpose?
Is life just a poorly-run, foul-smelling circus?

Are all of us doomed to be what we appear?
Is there more to life than Doritos and beer?

Is French the one language we’re all meant to speak?
Does no spinach make you an Iron-Poor Sheikh?

Can one really lose weight by singing the blues?
Is there any point having more than ten shoes?

Can anyone tell me why cat memes are funny?
Why doesn’t Vince know Colt & Portia are money?