To The Not-Famous

If you are not famous,
Chances are,
The most perfect day you ever had
Very few people wanted to ruin,
If any

If you are not famous,
Chances are,
When you die, no one
Will want to tarnish your memory,
As it’s considered bad form

If you are not famous,
Fame attracts hatred
And ill-informed adulation,
Which is almost worse

How lucky we are
If everyone who claims
To love us
Actually knows us

Opp, Alabama

It’s on the map.

New York? Anybody can make it up there!
To prove: Google gave me a list
Of famous New Yorkers so awfully long
The deduction’s hard to resist

That half of the people there go on to fame.
So making it there’s not that great:
But making it somewhere off track and obscure
Now that, I think, carries some weight.

Take Opp, Alabama, for instance. It seems
Nobody well-known is from there:
I’d say, if you’re famous in Rattlesnake-ville
You could make it most anywhere

Rattlesnake Rodeo


fame is not real

not like people think.

fame is not real
but being famous is

it is the reality
of a sick fascination
among strangers
for what they think
your life is

without having any idea

it is also the reality
of their coming to resent
the pretend life
they always imagined you having