Unsuccessful Escape

I ran from voices that I heard…

Planetary Landscape

I ran from voices that I heard
That spoke of all I had not done
I traveled far, to lands unknown,
Past rising moon and setting sun

I wished myself upon a star
To dwell among the skies above
But found the universe too small
For me to flee regretted love

In A Blaze of Autumn

Jolted back to life.

Now, in a blaze of autumn,

Colors jolt him back to life;

He turns his back upon the way

That leads to black-and-white


And journeys through the forest

That leads on to colors new:

And looks no more for shadows

Of the nightmare he’s been through


The lie was told, the deed was done,

But just then, he awoke —

And in a blaze of autumn

All of that

Went up

In smoke

favorite fantasy

“much alike much different”

what it is desiring we
in our favorite fantasy
skin of velvet swathed in bubbles
all the more relaxed is she

past from sorrows left behind
worried emptiness of mind
soaked away fear all and troubles
in a smooth and steady bind

in each favorite fantasy
much alike much different we
fleeing as it daily doubles
our and life’s improbity


The rules are simple…

The rules are simple, after all,
Just close your eyes, say “Phantasmonde”
And if you have pronounced it right
You will find yourself there

In Phantasmonde, a river flows
That frees all worries from your mind
That solves your problems back on Earth
And leaves you without care

The guardians that run the place
Are calm of mind and fair of face
And welcome, with surprising grace
Those chosen for a stay

And underneath the rainbow sun
There’s room enough for everyone
And long and sweet the passions run
Through every night and day

The life you live, so sorrow lade
From all the long mistakes you’ve made
The games at which you have been played
Have left you worn and lean

So, since it’s simple, try it now
Just close your eyes, say “Phantasmonde”
And if you have pronounced it right
You’ll soon know what I mean