The Cowboy of Her Dreams

… isn’t here […]

The man she fell in love with isn’t here
That man was only ever in her head
Yet in her shock and sorrow, and her fear
She’ll clutch on some to imagery, instead

She’d found herself a hero, so she thought
With strength and sensitivity in one
But it’s a rescue mission that she bought
That’s run its course, whose time is nearly done

The cowboy in the sunset of her heart
She gave herself to, every hair and urge
But who and where is he, is worlds apart
As dreams and cruel reality

Where His Head is At

I understand, but still…

His family’s angry at him now
For having done what he has done;
But yet I’m sure the way he feels
Is meaningful to him

He knows that somewhere people are
So much in love that passion reigns;
But he has not felt that in years
And it’s a thing he wants

Or feels he needs, I do not know.
But she – she could not give it him.
And so he left her, and their child
To seek the “newness” once again

I understand, but still I think:
To give so much up, without fight —
It might make sense inside his heart
But that will never make it

What Was I Thinking?

(The rhythm of this is something like a limerick. – Owen)

(The rhythm of this is something like a limerick. – Owen)

When I saw you recently down at the store,
My mind to the past was soon linking:
Remembering years that we shared the same bed
And wondering, what was I thinking?

I think that I loved you – I seem to recall –
But don’t recollect how it felt;
And now it seems madness, a kind of a flu,
That happened to somebody else

It’s nothing against you, I’m sure that you’re fine –
It is a trick memory does:
That I could be with you for so many years
And now can’t recall why I was

Tonight’s Truth

Her husband left her.

Her husband left her, telling her that he
Just couldn’t go on anymore this way;
And so, in shock, still reeling from it, she
And our grandson are with us for a stay

And she – she cannot look me in the eyes,
Afraid that she will break completely down;
And when this fact I did at once surmise,
I backed away – but I am still around –

She fears to let the tears completely go
With her young son so very, very small;
And she her full attention turns to him,
To try to make some sense out of it all

My daughter, oh, I’d rip out my own heart
To ease the pain that’s just about
To start

Before the Truth

I don’t think she wants to know the truth…

I don’t think she wants to know the truth
Like a loaded pistol in his hand
Everything she worked so hard to build
Crumbling around like so much sand

So she tries to vainly turn away
And against the truth her ears to seal
Thinking, like the girl that she was once
If she doesn’t hear it, it’s not real

The Disunion

“More than he bargained for.”

She loved a basic country boy
With all her ardent heart:
Then she grew up but he did not,
And so they grew apart

Their courtship brought him all
He ever wanted – maybe more –
Then marriage and a child brought
More than he bargained for

At least, that’s how he sees it now.
She’s worked successfully –
He’s bitter, feeling left behind
Which doesn’t have to be

She loves him still, and if he would
Still love her faithfully,
She’d give him every thing she has
But he’s
Too blind
To see