8 Portraits, #7

Candy crush?

No, Trivia Crack.

Who are you playing?

Denise’s sister.

I didn’t know Denise had a sister.

She does, and she’s not very good at this game.
I’ve beaten her like fifty times in a row.

Why does she keep playing you if she keeps losing?

She says she’ll outlast me, that she has more stamina.

Now, I KNOW that’s not possible. Do you want me to tell her?

You get away from my phone.

Doesn’t the name “Trivia Crack” sound like a warning?
I mean “Crack” isn’t exactly known for its salutary effects.

“Salutary”? I’m glad I’m not playing you at this game.

Don’t make fun of my nerdy vocabulary…

Don’t make fun of my trivia crack addiction…

couple, sitting

i’m not all boys, so i am not
the one who must have hurt you –
i’m honest, and i’m loyal, and
i would not just desert you

if you could see you through my eyes
i know that you would feel
that what i’m saying is the truth
and all of this is real

so try me out, we’ll take our time –
i know that you’ve been burned –
and that, for you to trust me is
a thing that must
be earned

= = = =

photo credit : © Godami | Dreamstime.com – SKETCH.The Couple. Photo

Heartbreak and Lies

… so that was the end for them?

Yeah, I mean
That’s how she found out
He’d been lying the whole time
So — why do men tell lies?

I don’t know
Some guys are just jerks, I guess
Women have been known to tell
A lie or two, as well
When they feel like it

Has a woman ever lied to you?


Did she break your heart?

Not completely –
Has a guy ever lied to you and
Broke your heart?

Yes –
And worse

I’m sorry –
Tell you what
Don’t lie to me
And I won’t lie to you

But seriously,
Did she break your heart?

She did – but it’s nothing…
You couldn’t put back together

Human Sampling #7

So, what are you reading?
She said

I don’t know. I think I might have the book upside down.
He answered

Are you going to stay angry with me?
She asked

Are you going to stay angry at me?
He asked in return

She said

No, either
He said

She said,
Because this book on water heater parts
Really isn’t doing it for me