First Night

… in a new home.

Open Door

Last night was our first
In our new place to live
My wife, my golden and me;

And we were up moving
And unpacking things
Until roughly a quarter to three.

There’s much more to do
In the next week or so
Till we are completely moved in;

But soon, very soon –
The old house door will close
Which we will not open again

And then we’ll drive off
From the home that we loved
At give one last backward look:

But that is the way.
When the old chapter’s done
You have to get on with the book.

1928 Store Window

Atwater Kent Radio Equipment Display
Atwater Kent Radio Equipment Display

A woman I know is ninety-two
When she was six years old
Living in Georgia
The window display above was being seen
In New York City

For the well-to-do
Far from the rural life of the south
Dreams of a wired future
Were on display

Pooley cabinets, normal cabinets
Models 30, 32 and 35
With and without H horns
Were the absolute leading edge of technology

Things far too primitive for us rural-dwellers now
Were once the height
Of urban sophistication