Your Library

A library seems random Unless it is your own: The taken paths to get those books, Haphazard and unknown. Enthusiasms come and go, We swim in different waters; At times we nearly (almost) drown, And others, splash like otters — We find ourselves, or find that we Are not quite who we thought; Or lose … Continue reading "Your Library"

Reader’s Digestive

About a hundred years ago I read a quote by Cicero That we have everything we need With food to eat and books to read I think that Roman man was right – On a great truth he did alight – For truly, how can life be beat With books to read and food to … Continue reading "Reader’s Digestive"

Books: Jude The Obscure

Now, don’t you go messing With stuff this depressing No one kills a party Quite like old T. Hardy

Books: Persuasion

For anyone Who has ever loved Wants to ever love Or thinks the word “love” isn’t entire objectionable This is perfection Full stop

Books: The Emerald City of Oz

If you’ve never seen living Cuttenclips, or Fuddles Or listened to Rigmaroles or Flutterbudgets Or traveled to Utensia, Bunbury, or Bunnybury And if you’ve never listened to a zebra arguing geography with a crab — If you’ve never trembled before the united armies of The Growleywogs, Phanfasms and Whimsies United under the Nome King — … Continue reading "Books: The Emerald City of Oz"

Books: Don Quixote

It is wisdom beyond our wisdom To realize that the pathetic and laughable Can have a nobility Beyond any the great and powerful Can ever attain