Driving Through Villages

They drove through villages for hours, and he Was just a boy, but still he watched, enthralled. What seemed like sameness wasn’t so to him, Like models come to life, this row of toys. The roofs, the windows, factories, and spires, The bits of grass and trees, the shops and cars, The animals, the kids … Continue reading "Driving Through Villages"

Sunday Morning, 6 A.M.

Surrounded gray by interlocking noise, Across the chasm bridge and moving moat, Into the pointed teeth of the abyss, A crosswind stinging high, and slipping low, A traveler: a wanderer, a waif, Amid the pilgrims, frozen, bent, or warped, Lopsided and misshapen with their loads. How few there are who hear for stopping ears With … Continue reading "Sunday Morning, 6 A.M."

Depressive Thoughts – 3

The woods are bright here, in the autumn sunshine; This old, abandoned place way off the road — I think about the old ones, long forgotten; Their many faces crowd into my mind That they were babies, kids – had youth and passion – Before the stretching years gave them to me; They’d seen their … Continue reading "Depressive Thoughts – 3"

drank the shadows

the night came fast, and so they drank the shadows; then woke to light that stung and scratched their eyes. a gallery now stripped of all its paintings, uncluttered with the evidence that they had ever changed or terraformed surroundings. the day had poured into each crack and crevasse, the floor seemed new again, as … Continue reading "drank the shadows"

As Sleep, We Grow

See where the morning wakes on smoky clouds The world continues even though we sleep Last night the pores the skin the hair the beard Refused to stop their work despite the heart That emptied with the hollow cries of night A stabbing pain the realization cold The way that shadows lose significance And even … Continue reading "As Sleep, We Grow"

Lonely Epiphany

So I was with my friends, and just sixteen. We hung out at the the beach and watched the girls; It struck me, none of us were really “tens” – Nor arguably, the best more than a five So who were we to sit and judge the world? This thought, once I’d conceived it, never … Continue reading "Lonely Epiphany"

I Wish That Things Were Simple

I wish that things were simple, but they’re not. For life is like a test, a spelling bee: With one mistake, we see our fortunes fall, And slump back down to rue our own disgrace. Or maybe, we’re delusional. That works. The world is always someone else’s fault: As stand there, our rectitude intact, Among … Continue reading "I Wish That Things Were Simple"

the best days

the best days that we ever have and know are just so many heartbeats in a span we have to form a story from such things as are to hand within our daily dance a thousand different ways i could have said the things that now lie choked amid the weeds and you, a steeple, … Continue reading "the best days"

The Apple Trees

The joy of climbing that far off the ground, The taste of fruit you have picked yourself; Most children, still, these real things want to feel, More than mere images, or bits of light. It’s we that cloak in artificial ways Experience that they are born to want: By hiding in our plastic fortresses Protecting … Continue reading "The Apple Trees"