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The Apology of An Empty Man

Love, I handed you my mettle,
So you put it to the test;
Though I failed, and badly, often,
Most the time, I did my best.

So, forgive not me, but you now.
You, deserving something higher,
Cannot fault yourself my actions:
Someone better, I know, you’d


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Love Spasm The Fourth

Love Spasm 04

I had a friend who loved a girl
But dated her roommate:
We were then both in college
He lived in another state

I travelled up to his school
Without notice, on a whim:
The Friday that I got there
I could not see much of him

Because of things he had to do.
He told me with a shrug
That I could take this girl out
Who I knew he really dug

So we played tennis, she and I
Then drank at a cafe:
Then drove her white convertible
To pass the time away

And much to my surprise
Some things then happened, unforeseen:
‘Twas very late when I got back
And he was passed out, clean —

He asked me, what had happened
The next morning, with a smile:
“We played tennis — had some drinks —
Then drove around awhile…”

He looked at me, astonished
For he knew me far too well;
He heard what I had not said,
In the things I didn’t tell

And we sat there in silence
As he sadly shook his head
He wasn’t mad at me at all
But at himself instead

For he was with her roommate.
Truth is truth, and fair is fair:
But what he shared with me
He never
To share

Original Poems

Betrayed —


So what now, of betrayal?
When your ‘friends’ leave you behind
For others, or because they think
They’re too good for your kind.

You open up yourself to those
Who look, and then reject you,
But don’t stop there; they then go on
To gather, and subject you

To gossip on your many faults,
As all inside you reels;
To be betrayed by those you trust —
Do you know how this feels?