The Last Chalice

I am a king here with my brew:
A king who has no need of you.
When I can press my lips to this
What need of I for your lost kiss?

A castle I will call this bar:
My minions, come from near and far,
Are here to drink with me and know
That we can still be high when low,

And reign over each cup and crumb,
And give in to the cold and numb —
With this last chalice, we will toast
What we let go, but still

Love most

One-Night Bomber Crew

They sang a song in Tokyo,
As drunk as drunk could be,
But needed one more voice, and so
That happened to be me

We shut down bars in Shinjuku,
And in Roppongi, too;
And I don’t really drink, but then
You just do what you do

The lights were bright, the music loud,
The laughter flowing free;
I stumbled in at six a.m.
I’m sure, a sight to see

They sang a song in Tokyo,
You should have heard it, too —
With me on second baritone,
A one-night

Spinoza Goes To Spring Break

Spring Break

It isn’t such a mystery
Unequalled throughout history
To think of a fraternity
In light of all eternity

There is no good there is no bad
There’s only more fun to be had
There’s only friends and pranks and spoofs
Ten axioms and 90 proofs