Never Steal Joy

Here is my advice: Never steal joy – Leave happiness to itself

Run Free

And so my friend Run free today Beside the shore Along the way Run to the things You want to see Unbridled go And just run free The steps you run Will be your own Your destiny Has not been shown Except that it Is coming due: Run free, my friend It’s up To you


Take solace where you find it, son And do not be ashamed; For many are the griefs for which The innocent are blamed Take solace where you find it, lad, And know this lesson true: You cannot change a thing except What you can change In you


It's just a thought.


I think there might be some advice buried in this poem.

Advice for Living

Love everybody Like you should, And try the nachos once – They’re good


don’t take on unequal burdens, or settle for less-than. it is possible to feel what you’ve never felt —