(First published April, 2018) As still to hear, the speaking of a poem Like ravens in the desert, sadly singing The pages of a twice-forgotten novel Within a theatre, the same pics running And only for confusion is there worry In wobbling and jerking and in shaking. Feelings I've been having I'm not shaking: Just … Continue reading "Mother"

The Common Answer

She grew up in a single-wide On county forty-three; I doubt you’d even notice it, It wasn’t much to see — I knew her first in Sunday School, In summers, long and hot, With each of us as dressed up as Our families ever got. Then both of us were singers: With our families, in … Continue reading "The Common Answer"

Wednesday Truth

Here’s a sort of Wednesday truth That love is not a carry-on To shove under the seat when we Are slightly inconvenienced Here’s a sort of denouement To what is sensed when we’re alone That much we do’s just fiddling With labeling and sequence For sadness comes like rain on glass We see it and … Continue reading "Wednesday Truth"

Conceptual Monologue

We search to find concepts To explain things, Then confuse the concept With the thing, Forgetting that concepts are just Explanatory devices. For instance, There is no such thing As what “all women think”, Or “how all men act” In a given situation. Concepts, even scientific models, Make things simpler than They really are; Substituting … Continue reading "Conceptual Monologue"

Schisms of A Higher Order

Send the palace aids for packing, Palisades to fend the night; Where we’ve been there’s nothing lacking, Nothing lacking but the fight — Fighting on the hills and beaches, Down along forgotten glades, Schisms of a higher order, Battles on the palisades. Here’s a girl who’s lost a soldier, Here’s a boy who’s lost a … Continue reading "Schisms of A Higher Order"


just juice, please, and thank you, no. back in nineteen-forty two… would you like the omelet ma’am? what a handful robin was. need to get these lenses fixed! we were always very tired… get me a remote control. how your father loved to fly — home depot should do the trick. have you seen our … Continue reading "guava"

… so many mountains

so many mountains to be climbed, so many steps along the way; in laboring and struggling is much that fills the average day behold: the mind of innocence that turns and warps when laden down; among the cactuses and thorns, another hill, another mound — there is no simple reckoning; there is what is. but … Continue reading "… so many mountains"

Journal 2018-04-03

5:17am EDST I kissed you goodbye; You smiled although You didn’t wake — That will have to be enough. 7:51am EDST Nothing is more shared Than the annoyances of airports, And few places do people feel More personally aggrieved. 9:14am EDST Patience is a virtue — so they say. Here’s a chance for merit, at … Continue reading "Journal 2018-04-03"

“For Me, Sixteen”

I remember emerging from years of almost entirely same-sex friendships, shocked to find out how much girls had changed from what I remembered, and feeling like I needed a few good courses in cross-cultural communication. Much of the incremental excitement of relationships at that age (apart from the obviously physical) comes from how “wholly other” … Continue reading "“For Me, Sixteen”"