just juice, please, and thank you, no.
back in nineteen-forty two…
would you like the omelet ma’am?
what a handful robin was.
need to get these lenses fixed!
we were always very tired…
get me a remote control.
how your father loved to fly —
home depot should do the trick.
have you seen our library?
go the back way turn right here.
wow, they’re very thorough here…
stamp collecting was my thing.
would you like more coffee sir?
what’s the score? it’s three to one!
i’ve been up since almost three —
cherry rhubarb, that sounds good.
a “dutch braid” is what it’s called.
travel agent here’s my friend…
there were three who cleaned me up!
carrol o’connor: he was good.
could you cook this bacon up?
all your forms are in this file.
do you watch baseball that much?
i’m worn out, i’m turning in.
hello there! is this your son?
i guess guava would be fine.
have you ever seen this show?
give my love to all back home.
here’s what you were looking for.
any errands more to run?
yes, tomorrow the same time…

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