in the frost – 1

the seasons change: we know it’s true, and yet, it seems improvident to act as though we’ll make it through a cold that seems so permanent. there’s only so much we can do with nails and hammers, wire and rope, and yet, we strive, or we eschewpropelled by little elsethan hope


How long I’ve sought to understand what can only be experienced, or to experience what can only be constructed in the mind: life and perfection, respectively. A year spent in isolation, working alone in a giant building, coming home to the clamor and chaos of small children: lather, rinse, repeat. Sore, aching, fat, I wake … Continue reading "MMXXI"


We mark the love-that-should-have-been dressed up as love-that-was; another anniversary, another just-because — The tinsel in our memories, the dreck and gold alloyed; the echoes of a former voice, and silence of the void

at least now, though

a few breaths another season this wonder in the eyes showing that magic is still possible

Why We Lie

To get what we want, of course, or To avoid what we don't In service of a good story, Better regard, Or to best some enemy To paint a picture that leads others To our desired destination To feel as though we have some control When we know we don't In the hope of real … Continue reading "Why We Lie"

an abstracted kind of love

it isn't the lies we tell, it is the truths we never get to say: that love is daily bought and sold when it was meant to give away, that every windowed balcony is really just a door, and friends are never more than friends, for there is nothing more

Sketches – 89

You don’t look happy I’m not What’s going on? I keep trying to pretend that I’m still thirty, but it’s not working Why would you want to do that? You are pretty much perfect as you are Yeah, well, you would think that. Does the thought ever occur to you that maybe your best days … Continue reading "Sketches – 89"

Sketches – 88

Have you seen my jacket? It’s gotten cold out there Yes, December has that feature My, aren’t you in a sunny mood? I just can’t believe this year is almost over. And that we have to go shopping It’ll be fun! Doing anything with you is fun. But crowds, not so much Yeah, well. You … Continue reading "Sketches – 88"

my village laughing

my village laughing in the cold of happy winter a small place and yet welcoming if unreal