On The Edge of Then

On the edge of then, In the spring of hope, Came a set of eyes, And a heart to match, With some torn-up shoes, And a bit of rope ‘Round some plastic swings By a wide green patch, In the big backyard that a farm kid knows: with its hills and grass, with its curves … Continue reading "On The Edge of Then"

7 Autumn Moments (6)

The words you said, like kisses in the cold overlooking the vistas of all you'd never done; all that you hoped and meant to do -- These were my inheritance, my keepsakes, my treasures to return to as a mountaintop experienced within misunderstood autumn before knowing How all that besets us and bedevils us can … Continue reading "7 Autumn Moments (6)"

7 Autumn Moments (5)

In a teeming time, By a longing lake, We believed in love For the loving's sake; So we sang our songs, And we held our hands, And the sun shone bright Off our wedding bands. In a tangled time, By a lonely lake, We asked questions why For the question's sake; But the songs fell … Continue reading "7 Autumn Moments (5)"

7 Autumn Moments (4)

carelessly we drank the shadows autumn gave its abundance in contrast and beautiful extremes

7 Autumn Moments (3)

A farm November Cold and fast moving children Gathered there to eat Where that process has its start Or perhaps really its end

7 Autumn Moments (2)

The sun settling Into its darkening bed Felt there near silence The wind whispered the unsaid And two nodded in assent

7 Autumn Moments (1)

In the far autumn Slowing to the pace of leaves Blown free from the tree We could not find our way back Nor recognize each other