Snow Memoriam

Beneath the blanketing of snow, A memory beneath the grass -- It lays there, dormant, before spring Brings its new life to pass -- But memories, like us, all die: We have our moment, then we're gone Like sun rays on a winter snow Just after dawn -- So here lies we who read these … Continue reading "Snow Memoriam"

He wrote a story in his head…

He wrote a story in his head, A place where they were lovers; A home with little but a bed, And messed-up covers -- This a thing that's often done, But which we rarely see: The kind of lives we live, but only Within Fantasy

A Wind Along the Shore

She lost her friend, her long-best-friend -- She had spent years beside her -- The world seems ever-heavy now, And quieter But look, the sea is listening, And maybe there's yet more: In loving happy memories, And wind along The shore

alinear lunes (1)

the lost voice looked for in the white whistled chimes a pan of wan dread and blocked doors and sounds left to cry

… how high these castle walls

how high these castle walls how long this royal road where honors and reward are regally bestowed upon those proven worthy by a power from above those marked with special favor by their old grandparent's love

Behind the Fence

She was his love, behind the fence, but he was loth to show it; She was his only, long, true, love -- but didn't know it. He built them castles made of ice, to float with weightlessness; His every thought, of her, while she could not care less. Behind the fence was where she stayed, … Continue reading "Behind the Fence"

Amid the Blight

In the cold and lonely morning, In the gray and sullen light, There's a sadness, and a longing With each step amid the blight. There's a comfort, somehow, knowing That the world is past our might; That there's more than just what's showing, All the pain amid the blight. Are you loved, and are you … Continue reading "Amid the Blight"