{ sacred space }

I come home late from a long work day, 
 and she is tired.
Leaning back in a chair, popcorn for dinner, 
 I can tell:
 another chaotic day providing for others
 has left little of herself.
She uses this time to shut down, and recover.

The best love I can give is 
 to tell her I love her, then 
 leave her be;
 I remember she is in constant pain, and that 
 She cannot keep all of what she gives away.

Yes, I too ache, but 
 I do not need that validated: 
 the most sacred space in love 
 is that which we respect between us.

2 thoughts on “{ sacred space }

  1. Dinah

    Responding to Sacred Space
    I love this so much. I too love someone with chronic pain. I know what it’s like when all you can do is care…. Thanks for voicing this 💜

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