A life is made of time…

A life is made of time, 
And time is made of stuff 
That seems to us important, 
Until it's not enough. 

A life is made of yearning, 
And dreaming of the days 
That we will understand how all  
Our stuff becomes 

A maze

Published by

Beleaguered Servant

Owen Servant is an online poet working in a style that's been described as "compulsive". In real life, he is an actuary, because being a poet wasn't unpopular enough.

One thought on “A life is made of time…”

  1. This poem has a very important message about the worthlessness of material things. It is true, the more that time passes, the more I realize the worthlessness of all the stuff that I have. I don’t want to get trapped in this materialistic maze

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