The Need to Apologize

If you can't remember a time
That you were at fault,
There is a reasonable chance
That you pretty much
Constantly are.

Which is not to say
That everything is
Your fault; rather,
That your share of things
Will be, in 
The normal course
Of events.

When we realize
That we have been
At fault, the proper 
Response is to
Apologize to those
Whom we have wronged.

You see, you may not
Know this, but
Morality is not 
A contest --
It is, rather,
A cooperative
Something like
A relay race.

When we do not do
Our part properly,
We cannot continue to
Run the race without
Admitting our
Mistakes, and thereby
Beginning to
Correct them.

Admission of mistakes
Is not losing, it is our only
Path to possible victory.

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