Of Course She Settled…

Of course she settled,
That’s what women do —
If they’re not with
One of the five guys
They all want.

Or maybe I’m one of those guys

You can’t be:
It’s all about status.
That’s why we men are wired
To kill and die —
There are so few of us
That are really needed.

That’s crazy talk

Is it?
Think about it.
She had kids with the other guy.
You’re just there to keep her company now.
Women despise most men
For not being one of the five.

I see you’ve given this a lot of thought

Oh yeah.
Bars are dark and women get drunk,
Or 98% of guys would have no shot.
Women would volunteer for harems if they still could.

Or, you’re insanely misogynistic,
Lonely, bitter, and
Think you’re some kind of scientist

And I’m telling you,
Your wife only settled for you

And if she’d ‘settled’ for you?

Lord, I’d be happy.

As I suspected

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