Taken In

He took you in:
He gave you a safe place to stay,
To get your bearings, calm your head,
And make decisions you had needed long.
It gave you both a way
To travel through the darklands of the past,
And gather strength again
Because of the space in the time he took you in.

In time, you took him in:
You let him past the guards set up to keep
You safe from all the harm that came before —
When sharp abuse rained down
Like storms that sweep the forest in the night.
It felt both wrong and right,
A fair trade but an unease in your soul;
But you gave up the ideals of your youth
And took him in.

And though the reasons all made sense,
And there was good along with all the bad,
There was no way to know
The bed of safety that he promised
Lay beneath a blanket of made of lies,
And that there was another way
You hadn’t thought of that

He took you in

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