Inner Diapason

It doesn’t matter where I roam,
I carry always you with me;
It doesn’t matter what they think,
They do not know and cannot see

How you and I were worlds in worlds,
How you and I were tailored true
To fit each other like a glove,
And be more us than me or you,

But hills and valleys know our name —
Two things apart, but one

The same

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One thought to “Inner Diapason”

  1. A true leader just passed away today, Rep. John Lewis and he worked and walk and marched with MLk Jr in America. I feel as though you captured his last actions in congress with words of poetry so well and it wasn’t intentional. My heart is just broken but your writings comforted me as though Lewis was saying this to me and the next black and brown leaders. I’m not trying to be political it’s just where my heart is and you captured it amazingly. Thank you

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