I was going to be an astronomer, but
I was going to be a lot of things, like
Many of us are, when we are young

I dreamed of being in space, something
I forgot to include in yesterday’s poem

Dreamed of the slow approach to a glowing planet
Through the fantastic clarity of the star-filled space

The stars didn’t change, at least
Not at the speed things here seemed to do

Like almost all teenagers, music
Made more sense to me than words or people

The music below fit my dreams of being in space
Music of a beauty beyond emotion

How I longed, in my teens, to live beyond emotion
For mine were more-or-less torture

I still wish, some days,
I could live beyond emotion —
For mine are confusing and
Laden with consequence

But instead, I
Put on the music, and close my eyes,
And think about
Gliding silently

towards Neptune

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