I Only Know

I write like rain
In drips or sometimes showers,
My every passing thought
Turned into text

I’ve no great talent
Nor, special misfortunes
To truly separate me
From the next

But what I feel, well,
This, then I can tell you,
The truth that comes by faith
And not by sight

I only know
I truly, truly love you:
Though I don’t know you –
What you write


(“I Only Know” – 4-17-2015)

10 thoughts on “I Only Know

  1. Kaushika

    Very novel. Loved it! Have a look at my page as well, would love to hear from you.

  2. Where does inspiration come from? When we are filled with love (and sadly, at times, other emotions) it just has to overflow. You are gifted with the passion to put it into words.
    i think in little ways we can support one another with belief that crosses the boundary of time and place-a kind of Muse in one case, a mentor or even competitor in another. It’s enough just to know that you are there.
    Angel in the dust

  3. Sometimes like rain we can have sad or peaceful thoughts but then writing it down can be a powerful action and then to have someone read it would open that person’s heart and mind to understanding how you would feel in that time.

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