A Touch for the Heartbroken

When feeling’s deep, we others cannot see it.

Please do not think we mean to do you harm —

I’ve no advice for you; my only offer

Is just the lightest touch along your arm


To stand beside you, here along these waters,

As tears of generations fill the bay:

A touch to let you know I care about you

Much more than words of poetry

Could say

Photograph by Kenneth McCall, Dreamstime.com

8 thoughts on “A Touch for the Heartbroken

  1. You did it again! A dying art is the ability to say so much using so little words [and use an image I captured (at exactly 5:26 a.m. on 22 June 2015, standing behind the Ocean Bay Officer’s Club on Eglin Air Force Base, Florida) to boot] ;-). The poem is pure word food and thank you soooo much for using the image.

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  2. I worked at Eglin for 11 years, straight out of college, and lived down the street from where the Officer’s club was built, as a child, for 5 years. I thought I recognized the view. Marvelous picture.


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