so frail

it’s all so frail, we’re here, we’re gone;
the hopes we set our hearts upon
go fleetingly into the haze
upon which we must muse and gaze –

it’s all so frail, what starts will end:
for brother, sister, lover, friend,
alike must go to where all will;
more smoke to free, more land to fill

so hold the frightened, fragile child –
we’re frailer when we split apart –
and touch but lightly on your fear,
and even lighter on
the heart

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2 Thoughts to “so frail

  1. Hold the child in your lap and read the bedtime story. Bend side by side to dig in the dirt. Help them into the saddle. Drive them home from rehearsal late each night and talk or just listen. Let them climb up into your lap to a play the piano and dance with them across the floor holding hands. No moment is too small or too great to share with a child in physical closeness as kindred spirits.
    The wonderful thing i am discovering is that in spite of the heavy baggage my parents, particularly my Mom, left me with i can move beyond it. Having acknowledged it and looked it in the face i can find kindred spirits among my friends. No it is not perfect but there is hope.
    Angel in the dust

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