Brick by Brick, Part 1

The calm veneer, the flowery scent,
The mold inside, the desiccant —
Deception: that’s our daily run,
But we think we’re the only one.

Now warning labels are attached
To butterflies, and zeroes,
With wolves in number at the door,
All advertised as heroes.

We do not know inside or out,
Nor when things end or have begun:
Our minds: too free or tightly held,
Yet we think we’re the only one.

Here come purveyors of the truth —
There’s always one around —
Who think they’re being honest when
They’re merely stripping down,

As though, in being naked, they
Have set aside their lies;
For truth is rarely shown when we
Decide to advertise.

But brick by brick is how we build.
And though not always honest,
There’s beauty still in simple things,
Like doing what we promised.

So we can struggle on, and know
We may miss out on many dreams,
But we are not the only one
Whose life just isn’t quite all

What it seems

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