Brick by Brick, Part 1

The calm veneer, the flowery scent, The mold inside, the desiccant — Deception: that’s our daily run, But we think we’re the only one. Now warning labels are attached To butterflies, and zeroes, With wolves in number at the door, All advertised as heroes. We do not know inside or out, Nor when things end … Continue reading "Brick by Brick, Part 1"

Brick by Brick, Epilogue

I am not part, nor can I reach Connection, as these bitter herbs I taste upon a stinging tongue I’m told to hold to keep the peace. As though brick walls could freely speak Much better than they listen, cracked And worn upon the surface of What was supposed to be a calm Veneer. But … Continue reading "Brick by Brick, Epilogue"

Brick by Brick, Part 3

The mind is cynical; the body’s not. Heavens. What we put our spirits through — To turn down alleyways is to explore: To find dead ends is one more thing we do. But not all paths must lead to our frustration, Or to the entropy of humankind: Relationships – fresh air and stale vexation – … Continue reading "Brick by Brick, Part 3"

Brick by Brick, Part 2

A pile of shirts upon the floor: These fabrics, touched by many hands, That we acquire in carelessness, Unheeding of their stories — From train tracks spread across the land, Came cotton, clips, and dyes: Now woven cloth, and garments formed In every kind of size. In early April morning mist, At mills like Bibb, … Continue reading "Brick by Brick, Part 2"