A Life She’s Never Had

She reads about a life she’s never had;
Of men, romantic, focused, fully there –
And yearns with an intensity quite sad,
For all she’s wanted, but could never share

The man she married: forceful and intense.
It’s had its moments, some bad and some good;
But she knows now, he’s never really cared
To understand her needs or wants – nor could.

They never watch a movie that she’d like,
They are with his friends, if with friends at all;
He comes home with desire, late at night,
She is a sort of wifely booty call

But in these books, that he thinks silliness,
She finds the searching look, the soft caress;
The women there are loved by men, and more:
They’re not just someone he comes home
To score

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7 Thoughts to “A Life She’s Never Had

      1. I’m sorry to hear that. Its truly heartbreaking when it’s your own children and watching this play out in front of your eyes. The sad part is you can’t yell out, “Cut.” x

      2. She (the one who is living with us) is in the next room fixing her child breakfast, and they are happily chatting away. So it is my sincere hope that she finds better in a man than she’s found so far.

      3. The choice of her staying, finding another, or not at all is all up to her. But I believe you as her father have guided and supported her, she make the right decision.

  1. It’s difficult, to live like that, to be the main character of your own story and not know it. Sending you a hug and wishing for them love.

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