We walked as far as we could walk
Until the sun set red;
The surf gave rhythm to our talk
And strengthened what we said

I told you that I loved you, and
You said that you loved me;
That sun then rose the next day on
A thing not meant to be

The life for you, adventure and
The life for me, slowed down;
I’d live out in the country and
You’d live somewhere downtown

We each were headed different ways
And needed to be sure;
Just searchers in the sun’s last rays
That’s all we really were

But like a silver cloud whose shadow
Drifts across the sea
There’s always part of me with you
And part of you
With me

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  1. Hi there. Just wanted to say how nice it was of you to stop by and to kindly like and follow my blog. I have just popped over to yours and I must say you are very talented my friend.
    Looking forward to reading more.
    Kind Regards

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