7 Longings – 4

{She was a summer intern, and I met her at a party at the house of one our company executives.}

Hi, I’m Owen.
You’re Clara, right?

I am. Nice to meet you.
And you’re a mathematician?

How have you enjoyed
Working here as a writer?

It’s been good.
I wasn’t sure what to expect, but
Interviewing people and writing profiles
Has been really interesting.

Yes, one of my daughters
Was an intern here in that same area.
I’ve seen your name on bylines.

Yeah, that was kind of surreal.

Where will you go next?

I have one more year of school.
And I recently got engaged.

Tell me about it, and him

Well, he’s also a student, Engineering.
His name is Derek, and
We will get married after we both graduate.

And where is home?

Norcross, for me.
He is from out of state, way up north,
Lewiston, Maine.

So, if you were writing
A profile on you,
What would that be like?

“That she is a person who
Sees the good, while
Acknowledging the bad,
And who tries to leave
Every place she visits
In some way better
Than it was before she got there.”

That’s beautiful.
It was really nice meeting you.
I think you just left me a little better
Than I was before I met you.


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