Snow Drifting

— 1 —

There is a fullness in this place
Caressing muscle, heart, and bone;
A chilly glow, an open space,
The chance to think, and be alone,

And sing without the need of words,
To speak without the use of sound —
Just feel the moment, fully borne
With such small glories as a life

Is crowned

— 2 —

Last night, you came to me without your shoes,
And sank into me, suddenly; and I,
Who’d thought about it many times, believed.

Like leaves out in the snow and twisting wind,
Beneath a moon that doesn’t know regret,
We moved because our hearts were meant to dance —

These freezing hearts were meant for just this dance

— 3 —

In Spring, on a gleaming bench,
He asked the girl to be his wife,
In Summer, in a forest glade,
The pledged each other love and life.
In Autumn, color changed to gold,
But love must conquer all, and will —
In Winter, here’s the bench and glade,
The gold is gone, and all

Is still

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