Sketches – 58

We’ll be back in four days.
My sister is driving, so
Lord knows when we’ll get there.

I hope you have fun

We should.
Her driving is always
An adventure in itself.

You look fantastic
In that coat, by the way

Thank you.
However, no one notices
How I good I may or may not look
When I am with my sister

No one notices
How I look, ever

That’s not true

It’s pretty true.
I’m a guy.
In almost any group of 100 men,
There will be six to eight that
All the women think are hot.
The rest of us are just…

Just what?

Or, not.

Serviceable, huh?
So I “settled” when I married you?

No, but you didn’t marry me
For my looks

How do you know?
I’m an artist.
I’m very visual.

So are you saying
You married me for my looks?

Right now, I’d say,

Well, okay.
I like that.
Anyway, you look fantastic in
That coat.

And you look fantastic
In those sweatpants and
That jersey.

This is turning into
My favorite conversation, ever.
Do you two have any kind of agenda?

So far, it consists of
(1) get there,
(2) figure out what we want to do,
(3) come home, eventually.

Whew. That’s a pretty tight agenda.
Think you can fit it all in?

With her driving,
I’m only concerned about
Item 1.

Are you going to work any
While you’re there?

All my paints are here.
I am bringing a sketchbook, but
That’s not really work

Well, it’s a beautiful place.
And it’s about to be more beautiful
With you there.

And… that would be her.
Goodbye, love.

Bye, sweetheart.
See you in four days.
I’ll try to get all the pizza boxes up
Before you get back.

If you’re getting Old Chicago,
Save me some


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