Sketches – 55

Okay, I’ve done all the figures.
You can contribute a few dollars to my new business,
And have your money back in no time, plus interest.

Um. We’re married. My money is your money.

I am never going to get a business started right
With that kind of talk. We are going to do this properly.

How much do you need?

I’ve written the figure down right… here.

Alright, I’ll transfer the money over.
What name have you settled on?

Nothing terribly imaginative.
Janey Servant Galleries.

I love it, go with the strongest part of your business model.
Where will you be taking premises?

I decided to use the old Heinmann Gallery.

Not the Uptown place?

That place is too big and too expensive.
Heinman’s place still holds up well, with a little work.
I also have another investor interested in buying in.

You do?! Who?

My Uncle Lenny.

How would that work?

He also contributes some to our initial capital.
He only wants a 5% stake.

I mean, that’s great. Love Lenny. But why?

You never knew Aunt Patsy did you?

No. Hardly ever heard anyone talk about her.

She wanted to start a catering business.
He wouldn’t help her, because the dealership was
Having hard times. After she died, it was one
Of his biggest regrets.

So he’s paying it… forward? Sideways?

He’s making amends, after his fashion.
Alright, I go to see the lawyer Thursday.

I’m really proud of you. This is amazing.

And I’m mortally terrified this will be a failure.
But thank you.

Has it ever occurred to you
That maybe you are a really good artist?
That people are already lining up to buy paintings?

Yeah, well. Artists are subject to the whims of fashion.

Speaking of fashion, can I change the subject
To how fantastic you look in your business suit?

You may. But flattery will not get you a better interest rate.

I’d settle for just getting some interest

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