the strongest

daddy, I can’t
go back in there

you don’t have to go

i’m not
i’m not as strong
as the other girls

oh, my child,
there is a lot more to strength
than just muscle

what do you mean?

the strongest people i know
don’t have the biggest arms –
they keep going when things are hard,
they try,
even when trying seems silly,
and they have the strength it takes
to lift other people up
when they don’t want to try either —
you are strong,
my child,
very strong

i still can’t lift very heavy things
or carry heavy ones for long

well, remember,
wherever you go,
you are carrying my heart with you

i guess i’ll go back in there

you’ve got this

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  1. shoot! I can’t find it. My filing system is a mess (symptomatic of my life?) I can almost say it”Be free my friend, be free…” but would love to see it. How can one acccess your poems individually? Is there a search engine or index?

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