Fear’s Diary

Dear Diary,

Today I
Feel like accomplished something
Which is always a good feeling

I started out by convincing a young woman
She was getting fat
Even though she wears a size “negligible”

I convinced a couple of people that
the day care they use isn’t safe
And a man in traffic that he’s
getting old if he lets people pass him

But job sites are my favorite place
to be during the day
I’ve convinced half the people
they’re about to get fired
And the other half they should
quit while they’re still otherwise employable

I led men and women to think
their partners might be unfaithful
I helped friends to suspect each other
And I topped it off with a few
home invasion nightmares

Yes, it was a busy day
But a satisfying one

Tomorrow, I need to work to
convince a few people
That writing serves no purpose

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