A Symphony of Virtues

I have a ton of self-control,
I never would abuse it
By anything so dangerous
As actually to use it.

I’m also very handsome, I’m
Admired everywhere,
With looks to kill, or maybe
Kind of, just, you know, to scare.

I’m well known for my patience,
How I’m kindly and serene;
As less and less, in traffic,
I use gesturings obscene.

I’m very versed in politics,
I know the latest trends;
And only daily use the things
To bore to death my friends.

And I’m less stubborn than I was,
I’m (almost) pliable —
Although I never change my mind;
That’s undeniable —

Oh, yes, come hear my virtues
It’s a type of symphony —
I am so wonderful, in fact,
I can’t even



Author: Beleaguered Servant

Owen "Beleaguered" Servant (a/k/a Sibelius Russell) writes poetry mostly, with an occasional pause to have a seizure.

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