Sketches – 47

Are you okay?

Yeah, just really nervous
This city is strange to me, and
This exhibit is huge

Yeah, but it’s exciting, right?

Right… sort of


You watch people walk through an gallery
They glance at one of your paintings
Then they keep walking


You spent hours on it
You poured a lifetime worth of passion
And planning into a canvas
It’s not that people hate it
It’s that they aren’t even interested
In really looking at it

Yeah, that would suck

I mean, you know
You’ve played the piano places
Where no one was really listening.

Yeah, it was the worst
It’s why I don’t do it for a living

This is more than my living
It’s my life

It’s possible, though,
That many people will look,
And will love one or more of your paintings

I know.
They might

Is there anything else?

Nah, I mean,
We went through the faux-pregnancy scare stuff
Back home.
It’s just been…
It’s been a lot

Well, I love your paintings
I think they’re genius
And I think you’re brilliant
And if I was a critic
I’d not only lead with you
In my write-up
Nobody would know from reading me
That any other artists were
Part of the exhibit

That’s also a lot
But I’ll take it

We have seven hours before
The gala dinner
You want to just chill here for awhile?

Yeah, let’s just get room service, and…

… and what?

Get my mind off all this worrying

I think we can do that.
I’m not just gonna walk by
Whatever might be on display

Now that’s what I’m talking about

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