Sketches – 46

You look
Very deep in thought

I am

Would you
Like to share?

Um… no,
Not right now.


I mean,
It’s nothing bad, it’s just
Long… and complicated


“That’s a word people use
When they don’t want to
Tell the truth.”

I remember that line. That’s
From “This Is Us,” right?

Yes, it is.

It’s up to you.
I pretty much live here, so…

I’ll need a few days,
I think.

Got it.
I will confess, I’m curious, but
I can wait

Do you mind if I
Change the subject, then?

Of course not, but
I won’t know if you did or not,
Since I don’t know
What we were just talking about

Take my word for it, then.
I don’t think the cat is too happy
About those dogs being here

No, he is not.
But it’s only, what?
Two more weeks?

Not even that.
She will take them back

How is she?

Oh, pretty good, I think.
Very upbeat.

So you’re worried
About the cat’s
Psychological state?

Not really.
I just didn’t think about it
When I asked you about
Keeping the dogs.
What kind of mother
Would I have been,
Forgetting my own kids?

There’s like a leap in there.
A big one.

If you remember,
I said
I didn’t want to talk about it.

I’m sorry.
My apologies.
Wait… are you….


But I might be

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