Sketches – 45

What are you looking at
So intently?

Do you remember Donna?
We saw her at Verdi’s.


She just found out
That she has cancer.
Thyroid cancer.

That’s horrible.
Still, the survival rate is
Pretty good.

What do they do for it?

Radioactive iodine,
I believe.

I thought we’d offer
To watch her dogs
For awhile

You know I’m scared to death
Of dogs.

She has cancer.

Go ahead and offer, then.
What kind are they?


Are those mean?

They are about as sweet
As they come.
Like you.

But effective

No, I mean it.
It is sweet of you…
She says, “Thanks.”

Tell her she’s welcome.
So when are we picking up
The Malteds?

They’re Maltese,
Not chocolate.


You’re hopeless.

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